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The health of our population cannot be fully addressed in a doctor’s office alone. It needs to be part of making health a shared value with inclusive civic and business engagement. We need to create a comprehensive and bold, community-supported culture of health and wellbeing in Nashville.

NashvilleHealth creates that culture by serving as a county-wide convener to open dialogue, align resources and build smart strategic partnerships. We will create a comprehensive plan for health unique to Nashville’s needs, leveraging the resources of our city, region and national leaders.

Using well-recognized core measures established by groups such as the National Academy of Medicine and Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, our efforts – while initially focused on specific health indicators – will span diverse health conditions to address the broad and unique needs that impact the health of our community. The collaborative initiative will actively measure and monitor the progress to ensure success of execution over the next five years. This type of community-driven, collaborative and all-inclusive long-term commitment will be the first of its kind in Nashville.

The Plan

Convene diverse groups of key local stakeholders

Identify specific and measurable community health indicators where improvement will be most impactful

Develop a comprehensive and practical roadmap for clearly defined action to improve health

Leverage and align Nashville's social and health resources and dollars to successfully execute the roadmap

Engage academic partners to measure and monitor outcomes to maximize progress and effectiveness of the implementation plan

Strengthen integration of health servicescommunity-wide

Scale evidence-based, county-wide success to state and national level after five years

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