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These Apps Could Help Keep Your Newborn Safe

Caring for a newborn: there are few things that carry more questions. To help new moms and moms-to-be, we recently talked to NashvilleHealth Board Member, Dr. Stephaine Walker on Twitter, about newborn baby care.

Now we want to keep the conversation going.

Today, we are launching an online resource to help moms and dads track, double-check, and keep up with caring for baby. It’s not a new set of recommendations; it’s a one-stop-shop to review and download what you need to grow a healthy baby – from being a healthy mom, to caring for a healthy newborn, all the way through a healthy toddler.

In some cases, these resources are fun or at the very least helpful in the fog of being sleep-deprived as a new parent. In other cases, the app could help with life-and-death matters.

More than 23,000 infants died in 2014 in the U.S., and Nashville’s infant mortality rate is unfortunately one of the highest. Some of those deaths are preventable with greater education on, for example, safe sleep. So learning about how to put baby down for a nap or bed, and getting reminders and pointers, can literally be a lifesaver! (Here’s the short of it: Alone, on the Back, in a Crib)

Want more recommended resources? Check out our new site for moms and dads, Keep Baby Healthy, at We will also be sharing more from the Infant Vitality Collaborative which brings together leaders from around the city to really tackle safe sleep, prenatal care, pre-term births, adverse childhood events (ACES) and housing – all of which matter as our city becomes the best place for babies to be born.

Track Baby

  • Development. Raising a healthy child begins before and during pregnancy. Apps like Sprout show the anticipated development of baby, track baby’s kicks, outline questions to ask the doctor – and keep a journal of all of it.
  • Labor. When it finally comes time for the baby to be born, one of the first questions your healthcare provider will ask is how often and how far apart you experience contractions. Give them an accurate count thanks to NashvilleHealth partner Vanderbilt University’s BabyTime app to track vital labor stats before you get to the hospital. And check out the FAQ from parents like you about how to welcome baby.
  • Birth to 1.The My Family app from Today’s Parent is practically an all-in-one for tracking baby’s milestones even into toddler years. (Pssst…this link includes 16 other apps moms and dads might find helpful!)

 Keep Baby Healthy

  • Breastfeeding. If you are breastfeeding – or attempting to – you may encounter challenges. Support can be critical in mom and baby’s journey to feeding, which is why apps like MyMedela and Milk Maid are an incredible resource. Track how much milk you pumped, how much baby eats and other indicators to reach weight goals.
  • Donate Milk. Moms can help other moms and/or NICU babies with extra pumped breastmilk by donating it to Mothers Milk Bank of Tennessee. We are thrilled that this amazing resource was developed by Dr. Susan Campbell at NashvilleHealth partner Nashville General Hospital at Meharry.
  • Talk to Baby. Something you do every day, all day – TALKING – matters to baby’s cognitive development. The Starling app is like a FitBit, letting you know how many words you have spoken to your baby and when you need to add more to promote language development.

 Keep Baby Safe

  • Medications. “Should I take this?” is a question that can paralyze expectant or new mothers even through common illness like a cold or allergies. MommyMeds taps into research to let mom know what medication is safe both during pregnancy and while breastfeeding.
  • Monitor Sleep. Since sleep is so critical to safety, there are a number of apps that take the simple monitor concept to the next level, providing audio and in some cases video feeds. Others will send alerts or even place calls in response to pre-programmed cues. If you don’t want the simple audio feed on your nightstand, check out these options for your smartphone.
  • In the Know. The WebMD Baby app is another good all-purpose app for tracking all sorts of baby milestones, with the added access to WebMD’s extensive library of videos, news, articles, and tips.

None of these apps replaces face-to-face time with your pediatrician, which is always the best route. But in a pinch or moment of curiosity – or simply to keep track in a safe place – these apps can smooth the road of new parenting just a little. Want more resources? We listed more on our page, and will feature some on social media! Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


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