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Combat Hypertension With These Apps and Tools

How’s your blood pressure? If you don’t know; there’s your starting point.

So many factors contribute to high blood pressure, from genetics to diet to lifestyle and much more. When it’s too high, blood pumps too forcefully against the walls of the arteries. Left untreated, hypertension causes serious damage and increases your chances of heart disease, heart attack, or stroke.

Wherever you are on your hypertension journey, these apps can help you get and stay on track.  Combined with a good conversation with your doctor – which can never be replaced by other resources – each of these apps offers unique features to help you track heart rate, exercise, and other healthy habits known to combat hypertension.  Get ready to take control…

“I Have High Blood Pressure and Need Help Keeping it In Check.”

  • Healthy Heart 2 is a good choice for those at high risk for heart disease. You can track all the indicators your doctor will want to know about, including blood pressure, potassium and more. It also encourages developing new, healthier habits that can have a positive impact on heart health.
  • Blood Pressure Monitor allows you to track weight, blood pressure, medication correlation, and get email reminders about your blood pressure management needs. This makes it incredibly easy for you to share all your stats with your physician.

“I Don’t Know My Blood Pressure Status”

  • Cardiio is the product of scientists from MIT.  It uses your smartphone’s camera to capture tiny changes in how light reflects off your finger or face to calculate your heart rate. That’s a simple way to measure how efficiently your heart is pumping blood and therefore working, an obviously important part of heart health.
  • This isn’t an app, but it is a resource page from NashvilleHealth partner, the American Heart Association, that gives you a video and visual rundown of what constitutes high blood pressure.  Give it a look and talk to your doctor.

“My Blood Pressure is Healthy; Help Me Keep it There.”

  • Streaks for Small Starts app comes from NashvilleHealth partner Healthier Tennessee. Available for both iOS and Android, it helps you track all sorts of daily healthy habits that you want to start or already do, connects socially with others for some healthy competition, and also contributes to a larger initiative to help communities in Tennessee be healthier. There are also resources for workplaces, families, religious institutions, and more to set up group programs.
  • The Women’s Heart Alliance will text you heart-healthy tips, right to your fingertips. All you have to do is enter your cell number on their homepage (scroll if you need to), and you’ll learn more about how to stay healthy and what to spot that needs attention.

Again, an app can’t replace a conversation with a doctor.  But it can help you implement the steps you need to take to keep your heart healthy.  Thanks to so many NashvilleHealth partners for their efforts to reduce the prevalence of heart related illness – from the Women’s Heart Alliance to the Million Hearts Campaign, the YMCA to the American Medical Association and the American Heart Association, and especially all of the providers who are NashvilleHealth partners and care for the hearts of Nashvillians every day.

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